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even, what's the point in coming back? Niko is still going to troll the shit out of people and ban them again just for posting harsh criticism
He's trying to be positive, but yeah they got alot of work to do if they want the toxicity level to er.... reverse. And with their track record it will just eventually get worst and backfire on them....
another testiment to being a huge troll or plain out of touch, he's saying this last week has been one of the best weeks ever...
[link] Russ actually NEEDS to do a blanket unban, he's trolling the banned players by saying, look email me with your groveling request and i'll think about unbanning you
I'll keep playing until they kill it.... *shrugs* as long as BSI folks keep playing. Just not as often... and yes destiny is fun.... considering I hate shooters >.>
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